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Treasured Hardwood Floors Become New Again

Restoration and repair of existing floors is our specialty.  Aspen Hardwood Flooring repairs imperfections and restores your floor to its natural wood beauty with great care.

Many floors in the Chester County area were originally installed with 3/4” x 2-1/4” oak, with a baked wax finish. Difficult to maintain, there is no uniform luster to them.  When they come in contact with moisture, a graying area appears on the floor. Aspen simply sands and re-stains these floors, transforming them into polyurethane finished floors and provides our customers the ease of maintenance with a damp sponge mop.

Whether stripping, sanding, staining or screening, we use the best processes and finish technology with old world care. If you wish, flooring stains and/or finishes can be tested on your floor, on location, with ambient lighting to provide the desired effect. Oil-based polyurethane water-based urethanes, tung oils, waxes and all types of stains are available - each one is of the highest quality. 

For highest quality, Aspen applies three coats of polyurethane to your floors, whereas others may only use two coats. This adds durability to the life or your floor.

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Aspen specializes in refinishing aged hardwood floors. In most instances, the process can take on or about four days to complete.

From sanding to staining to applying the finish coat, we will meet with you to evaluate your refinishing needs and provide you with a free estimate to complete the work from start to finish.

Call us and make that old floor shine again.”